Leaseholders: We Need Your Help!

By | 05.10.2018

Leaseholders of England and Wales: We Need Your Help!

We need your help to create a national database of Leaseholder feedback on Service Charge management. This is your opportunity to ‘name and shame’ bad Landlords and Managing Agents, and praise the good ones.

We think too many Landlords and Managing Agents get away with poor management of Service Charges, and in some cases blatant overcharging, simply because they know that no one other than the Leaseholders affected will ever know about it.

It is time this changed, and you can be a part of that change by completing our Rate Your Landlord survey.

Your Information is Safe with Us

We promise to keep your personal details a secret.

No one other than us will ever know whether it is you, or someone else with a property in the same building or development, who completed our survey. We undertake never to share your personal details with anyone else.

The reason we need to collect your name and e-mail address is that so we can run checks on a random sample of survey respondents to check that they are genuine. If we do not carry out these checks then there is a danger that the results of our survey may be skewed by completed surveys being returned by people who are not who they say they are. We will delete any survey results which we believe to be fake. We want to know the opinions of Service Charge payers and no one else.

Accessing the Results of our Survey

We will regularly publish summaries of the survey information we receive on our website.

The information will be indexed by Landlord/Managing Agent as well as by building or development. Anyone who is interested will be able to access a summary of what property owners think about the way Service Charge is managed by a specific Landlord/Managing Agent or at a specific building or development.

We intend to use the information collected for a wide number of purposes including: campaigns for Leasehold Reform, preparation of practice guides for Landlords and Managing Agents, and analysis of the performance of organisations, individuals and sectors within the Leasehold and Service Charge Management industry.