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Do service charge accounts need to be ‘signed off’ by an accountant? And does the commencement date of a Right to Buy Lease need to be the same as the start date?

Reader’s E-mail: I live in a block of 6 local authority flats: 2 leaseholders 4 tenants. Do the council have to audit the annual service charges or have a verified accountant sign them off? There is nothing in the lease that says so but I heard that councils have to do this if there are more than 4 flats… Read More »

Our resident’s association has appointed a surveyor. Can the managing agent restrict what they can view and stop a member of the association accompanying them to view document?

Reader’s E-mail: We have discovered some major problems with our managing agents charges and have appointed a surveyor. The managing agents say they will let only the surveyor inspect the documents relating to a major work and that the residents association officers’ visit will ” not be entertained”. They also say we have no rights… Read More »