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I can’t get back retention monies left with the buyer’s solicitor because my former Landlord is delaying issuing a finalised Major Works bill. What are my options?

Reader’s E-mail:  In 2001 I purchased a leasehold property. The freeholder was a London council with an ALMO managing the lease. A Section 20 for major works was issued in July 2009, with the contract start date of 29/11/2010. I received the Notice of Intention in July 2009. In February 2010 I then received the Notice of Estimated… Read More »

Major Works are planned for the ex-Council property I am buying but the Council will not provide any details. What can I do?

Reader’s E-mail: I am in the process of buying a flat which is owned by a local authority it has to come to light that they plan to do major renovation works, roof, doors, windows etc however, they won’t state when just that it is between 2014 and 2015 and no idea how much I believe if I go… Read More »