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Can you explain the source of the definition of ‘repair’ and ‘beyond economic repair’ which you use in your website?

Reader’s E-mail: I am a leaseholder and have applied to the First Tier Tribunal to dispute a service charge resulting from Major Works by my landlord. I have found your website incredibly helpful so thank you. In one of your published responses to a Reader’s question (titled “I think the Council’s planned major works are unnecessary”), you state that… Read More »

Can you suggest some relevant Case Law in respect of my dispute over the Service Charge for the replacement of a roof?

Reader’s E-mail: Many thanks for your amazingly helpful, detailed and speedy response. My service charge dispute relates to the landlord’s proposed replacement of a flat roof. Based on an independent survey which I have commissioned, I believe the roof is still in reasonable condition, has a life expectancy of around 20 years and can be… Read More »

Is it reasonable for my local authority to charge me for major works on the basis of rates agreed under a long term agreement when the work is subcontracted to a company which is charging a lot less?

Reader’s E-mail: We are leaseholders of a 2 bed flat in a local authority owned and managed block. There are 9 units in the block, approximately half of which are leasehold. Our roof tiles have recently been replaced. The block was constructed in the mid 70’s and the original concrete tiles were beginning to fail.… Read More »

My landlord has referred to the case of Forcelux v Sweetman [2001] 2 EGLR 173 can you explain what the relevance of this case is to my major works service charge dispute?

Reader’s E-mail: Hi, I am a leaseholder that is disputing a Major Works service charge liability. Our dispute will be heard by the First Tier Tribunal in early November and I will be representing myself as an Applicant in person. A significant part of the Major Works cost relates to the replacement of the roof… Read More »