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Can my Landlord charge me legal costs in addition to an amount awarded by a County Court?

Reader’s E-mail: We disputed a cost for legal charges put on our statement for £360. Although the rest of the service charge was up to date, the management company issued court proceedings which we defended, but the court determined the cost for legal charges was payable. We have now paid what the judge ordered. However,… Read More »

Do I have to pay an Administration Charge for late payment of Ground Rent?

Reader’s E-mail: I am the owner of a flat, which I rent out to tenants. The tenants have recently moved out, breaching their tenancy agreement. On visiting the flat, I discovered a letter addressed to me from the premises Management Company, informing me that ground rent is overdue. As well as charging for this, they have added a £45.00… Read More »

Can a Director of the Management Company charge a fee through the Service charge for preparing accounts ?

Reader’s E-mail: My housing development has recently purchased the freehold of the estate. We have formed a management co who will actually own the freehold and the 18 home owners will have an equal share in the company. We have appointed three directors. All the directors are home owners . The management company is a not for profit company and… Read More »