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My Landlord says that he has satisfied the requirements of Section 20B because it does not apply to building insurance premiums, and because he sent invalid demands for payment at an earlier date. Is my Landlord right?

Reader’s E-mail: A two part question: 1 – My Landlord who has been absent for 4 years recently issued me a notice for 4 years worth of service charges. I have disputed some of the charges as most of them fall well outside the 18 month window of Section 20B. However the landlord insists that as Buildings Insurance is… Read More »

Is a housing association holding a head lease over a property restricted by section 20B in respect of the service charges it can charge to its under lessees if it receives the relevant invoices the superior landlord more than 18 months after the costs were incurred?

Reader’s E-mail: Managing agent does not send the audited service charge accounts until 9-12 months after the year end. If there is a deficit are liable for any overspend if no section 20b was served. Are we allowed to pass over the deficit to our tenants. OM property v Burr (2013) Court of appeal decision.… Read More »