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Overview of the Housing Act 1996 for Leaseholders

Summary 1. This Act is particularly important to Service Charge Payers in three respects: i. It gives leaseholders of Social Landlords the right to complain to the Housing Ombudsman. ii. It places restrictions on the right of Landlords to seek Forfeiture of a lease for non-payment of a Service Charge, or other breaches of lease. iii.… Read More »

Section 87 (Codes of Management Practice)

Summary 1. This section gives the relevant Secretary of State (government minister) the power to approve any code of management practice which is submitted to them and is considered to “be designed to promote desirable practices in relation to any matter or matters directly or indirectly concerned with the management of residential property by relevant… Read More »

Section 78 (Purpose of a Management Audit)

Summary 1. This section states: i. The purpose of a management audit. ii. Who is allowed to carry one out. What is the purposes of a management audit? 1. Section 78 states that a management audit has two objectives: i. To determine the extent to which a Landlord has fulfilled their obligation under the terms… Read More »

Section 76 (Right to a Management Audit)

Summary 1. This section gives Leaseholders who pay a Service Charge for management of the common parts of a building and/or estate to have an audit carried out on their behalf of the way their Landlord manages those common parts When can this right be exercised? 1. This right can only be exercised by ‘qualifying… Read More »